About Us

The Vision

Warwick ABACUS was formed by a group of 4 people with the aim of reducing misconceptions, bridging cultural differences and connect people regardless of who they are or where they are from with a common interest in Chinese culture.

Our Team


Ryan Marney

2nd Year PPE

Hi everyone, I’m Ryan - half Malaysian half British, but I grew up in Hong Kong. I'm excited to be your president for next year and I’ll do my best to make the society fun and inclusive! I love photography and will never say no to food (rip my budget). Also, my flush is definitely the worst. Looking forward to meeting everyone!


Will Su

2nd Year Management

Hi guys I’m Will, I’m British Born Chinese from London and I’m here to make sure that events run smoothly and for you guys to feel comfortable during events. If you see me around feel free to shout me for a gym sesh 🏋🏻‍♂️, mahjong🀄️, boba 🥤and ofc for any enquiries you may have. Hope to see you all next year at ABACUS events!🤙🏻


Guang Wu

2nd Year Economics

Hey I’m Guang, I’m a Portuguese born Chinese and I’ll be in charge of filling up the abacus bank account. I’ve always loved traveling, eating well, and making bad decisions. Catch me getting kicked out of a club and getting threatened by a priest in one night. I hope everyone enjoys what we’ve got planned for next year!


Lucy Tam

2nd Year Mechanical Engineering

Hi I’m Lucy, I was brought up in the UK and I’ll be secretary for this year. I like to do origami and prop making and can usually be found at the buildspace working on some projects. I look forward to getting to know everyone in the society better and to support the rest of the exec to make this a great year ^^

Sponsorship Co-ordinator

Jake Liang

2nd Year Economics

Hi, I’m Jake. I was born in Canada but now I live in London. You will usually find me on summoners rift, in bed missing my lectures or in front of a chess board (I can probs beat you with my eyes closed 🤪). Other than that, I am very excited to be reeling in sponsors for y’all next year so you better keep your eyes peeled. See you next year!

Social Secretary

Lonnie Yang

2nd Year English Lit and Creative Writing

Hey everyone I'm Lonnie I'm going into my second year of English Literature and Creative Writing. I'm from London, and I'm excited to be one of your (extremely responsible) social secs next year! I love cooking and all things food (and a bit of league on the side). I'm hoping to see everyone at our socials next year! I know quarantine's got everyone down right now at home but don't worry, I'll make you all red with Asian flush when we're back :))


Social Secretary

Angel Huynh

2nd Year Sociology

Hey I’m Angel and I’m one of your social secs for 2020/21! I’m from Manchester and I’m Vietnamese! (we love inclusivity🇻🇳) I’m a big foodie and I love bubble tea (so I’m always down to go for one 👀) You’ll be seeing me at every event and I can’t wait to meet everyone! Stay safe and see you all v soon 🥟🍜🍣 xx


Tour Secretary

Melvyn Tang

2nd Year History and GSD

Hey I'm Melvyn, I'm a 1st year history and gsd student and I'm excited that I'll be your very first (I think) tour sec this year! I'm from the UK but I also speak canto and Mando so if you've got any suggestions or questions hmu
Outside of abacus you'll find me at muay thai or being jobless around campus 😭
It's been tough times lately but I hope that we'll be closer and have an even madder year because of this. I look forward to being a responsible and well-behaved student with everyone 🥴


Publicity Officer

Stephanie Cheng

2nd Year Law

hey everyone :)) i'm stephanie! i'm from singapore and hong kong, and grew up going to an international school in beijing, china. outside of abacus, you’ll find me in dance rehearsal, playing animal crossing, or in the library seeking new ways to avoid my degree. i'm always down for chinese takeout, but please don't ask me to order in chinese :') hope to see you all next year!


Sports Officer

Leo Ip

2nd Year Business Management

Hello guys, I’m Leo, and I’m from Macau and Hong Kong. I spent my life at an international school in Macau, and I am your new sports officer in the academic year of 2020/2021. I look forward to arranging many sport related events for you guys, so feel free to message me any time if you have any suggestions. I love sports myself (obviously), and can’t wait to enjoy it with y’all 🙂 See you guys at Warwick!

Contact us

Have any questions? Please contact us either through the social media accounts at the bottom of the page, or by emailing: [email protected]



Our Sponsors

Our dear sponsors are very important to us. They transform our events into an reality, without their help we would not be able to host such amazing events